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Caspers Service Company Appreciation and Awards Ceremony 2021

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2020 presented challenges unlike anything Caspers Service Company and the rest of the world have ever experienced. From technicians to customer service, employees are the backbone of Caspers Service Company.  On Sunday, May 16, 2021, CSC capitalized on a perfect Florida spring day and took the opportunity to throw an outside fête celebrating its employees.

After weathering a year consisting of lockdowns and social distancing, Caspers Service Company was proud to finally host its company event honoring its hard-working employees and announcing the 2020 award winners at the Caspers Service Company Appreciation and Awards Ceremony 2021, held at the perfectly spacious and farm-chic SB Nursery & Gardens in Lutz, Florida.  The event featured crafty team activities, alluring raffle items, multiple food and snack stations, plus an overall abundance of family fun.

CSCAA21 Venue

CSCAA21 Venue SB Gardens & Nursery

Employee appreciation was the real focus of the event as Caspers Service Company provided a lively atmosphere for employees to mingle, relax, and laugh, with activities like axe throwing, dunk tanks, and cornhole.  Face painting, putt-putt, and games such as Jenga, Connect Four and Checkers were available for the children.  There was even a team cake-building contest!  After such a stressful year of uncertainty, this event was a wonderfully engaging way to spend time celebrating each other with family and co-workers.

Not to be outdone by the raffle or the wide variety of merry activities, the food provided by SaltBlock Hospitality for this company event also fought for center stage.  From lip-smacking barbecue to a sumptuous Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream station, along with a multitude of other snack stations like candied bacon, snow cones, and popcorn, none of the attendees were going to go home hungry. It was a feast for everyone!

CSCAA21 Catering

CSCAA21 Catering by SaltBlock Hospitality

The Awards Ceremony was the star of the show.  CSC appreciates everything its employees have done and weathered to keep the business running without fail, but certain employees have risen above and beyond expectations.  2020 saw three technicians win Tech of the Year!  Congratulations to all of the winners!  Keep up the excellent work!

The full list of 2020 Caspers Service Company Award Winners are:


2020 Technicians of the Year:       Vanessa Rivero

2020 Technicians of the Year:        Chad Slater

2020 Technicians of the Year:        Kelvin Gant

Above and Beyond Award:             Diego Vasilak

Inspire Award:                                  Robert Lehmiller

Dedication Award:                           Larry Kimbro

Hit the Ground Running Award:    Mark Street

Team Spirit Award:                          Sherri Bowen

Customer Service Award:               Jason Latimer

Best of Class Award:                       Jim Andrews

Don’t Die of Thirst Award:              Rafael DiPiazza

Best Teammate Award:                  Roger Morin

Silver Lining Award:                        Sandra Cappuccilli

Most Improved Award:                    Rob Dowling

Running with the Bull Award:         Blake Casper

Brainstorming Award:                       Mike Buelow

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

CSC Award Ceremony

CSC Award Ceremony







CSC closed out this fantastic company event by keeping the surprises rolling with their raffle. The raffle tickets were handed out generally during the event and also for participating in various activities, like axe throwing.  These were no ordinary raffle tickets.  CSC wanted to ensure its employees were well rewarded for their service.  Beats headphones, Visa and Amazon gift cards ranging from $50-$250, a multi-night stay at the Tradewinds, and even a 50” television are just a small sampling of the thoughtful and generous items included in the raffle.

It was a gorgeous spring day spent at SB Gardens & Nursery, where CSC employees were celebrated for their hard work, appreciated for their service, and congratulated on their prizes.  This celebration will be a hard one to beat, but as always, CSC will try to outdo itself next year!