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Company Culture at Caspers Service Company

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Caspers Service Company is a third-generation family-owned business with a focus on a family-oriented work environment.  They understand the very basic premise that happy workers are productive workers and prides itself on a work-life balance for all of its employees.  Providing a positive company culture and enjoyable work environment is vital to the ongoing existence of CSC.

Why Company Culture is Important

Company culture is integral to the location and retention of productive employees.  Employees and employers want to make sure they are the right fit for each other.  Knowing your employer has the same mindset, ideals, and attributes that your find important as well makes your transition onto the team that much easier.   Company culture is driven by positive leadership and the trust that leadership places in its employees.  Being able to create a diverse and unified team under strong leadership is the pathway towards an enticing company culture.  Creating and maintaining a strong company culture will allow employees to thrive, making the business a sought-after place to work.  Strong company culture may even inspire workers to go the extra mile creating a greater overall performance for the business as a whole.  CSC strives to create a company culture that benefits its employees and seeks out workers that are willing to do their best to continue this cycle of prosperity.

Cultivating a Positive Work Environment

Creating a positive work environment is paramount to the retention of great employees.  As with everything else in life, communication is the key to forming and maintaining positivity at work.  Encouraging ideas and other input from all employees is a great way for employers to show employees that they matter. Not every idea is perfect, but enabling employees to feel comfortable sharing these ideas and showing that each team member is valuable is a great first step towards a positive work environment.  Employers that recognize and reward hard work will have the respect of their employees.  Just the simple act of acknowledging the extra effort exhibited by some employees reinforces the company culture and lets the employee know that what they are doing matters and is being noticed and appreciated.  Trusting that you have hired the right employees for the job and allowing them to get the job done without constant managerial interference shows your workers that you believe in them.  CSC has worked hard over the years to provide a positive place for their employees to work and grow.  CSC prides itself on its employees and their endless drive to ensure CSC remains a respected, employee and family-oriented environment.

Caspers Service Company Culture

First and foremost Caspers Service Company focuses on creating a family-oriented work environment for its employees.  CSC understands that an unbalanced work/life situation causes more stress on employees, which ultimately does affect employee productivity.  If a worker needs emergency surgery, and the employer does not offer healthcare coverage at a reasonable price for its employees and their families, then that worker is naturally overly stressed.  That understanding and CSC’s willingness to provide high-level benefits to its workers makes CSC one of the best employers.   Besides offering competitive wages, CSC wants to make sure its employees are well equipped to take care of their families and their employees’ own personal growth.  CSC offers tuition reimbursement for continuing education, paid vacations and paid sick leave, career planning and growth assistance, a 401(k), and comprehensive insurance benefits.  Those insurance benefits include health insurance, dental insurance, vision care, life insurance, and even short-term disability insurance.  CSC likes to showcase its employees at its annual Caspers Service Company Appreciation and Awards Ceremony.  This day is spent relaxing with families and coworkers while celebrating not only the individual efforts of awards recipients but all of the employees.  It is CSC’s opportunity to thank the employees as a whole for a job well done.   CSC’s commitment to its employees works towards creating a great company culture and positive work environment that keeps employees motivated, which is crucial to the success of the business.

CSC wants you as part of its family!  Check out the current list of available jobs now and see if CSC is a great fit for you and your family.

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Company Culture at CSC