CSC Technician Jason Latimer working on AC unit

The Importance of Planned Maintenance

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Caspers Service Company has provided comprehensive commercial installation, maintenance and repair services to restaurants of all shapes and sizes for over forty five years.  Much like other businesses, restaurants require all of their systems to operate at optimal levels to ensure customer satisfaction and to produce a quality product.  When a refrigerator or freezer loses temperature, owners run the risk of food going bad.  A broken air conditioner never bodes well with customers in the middle of a Florida summer.  The best way to ensure your appliances and machines are working properly and all worn parts are repaired or replaced before a devastating issue arises is through continued planned maintenance.

What is Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is routinely scheduled inspections and repairs of your equipment that also includes a plan for when things go awry.  The purpose of planned maintenance is to ensure systems are functioning properly, refill any fluids or gases used by the equipment, repair any worn or malfunctioning parts, and assess the general overall health of the equipment.  Some businesses operate with two types of planned maintenance:  preventative and unscheduled.  Preventative maintenance is the most common and is the best for equipment longevity. Preventative maintenance is the normal maintenance scheduled when the equipment is installed.  This maintenance allows owners to replace air compressors before they are worn or to clean condensers or blowers.  Preventative maintenance is used to ensure all parts are working at their best all the time or replaced if needed.  The second type of planned maintenance is unscheduled maintenance.  This is basically a business’ back-up plan if something breaks.  While not nearly as optimal as using preventative maintenance, it is always helpful to have a back-up plan in place to reduce any potential downtime for your restaurant.

Why Does it Matter?

Organizing and opening a restaurant or industrial kitchen is hard, expensive work.  A lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into making that grand opening happen.  Planned maintenance helps restaurant owners protect their investment and avoid expensive, avoidable breakdowns, extend the life of their essential equipment, and maintain the efficiency of the equipment.   From grills and ovens to refrigerators and air conditioning, restaurants and industrial kitchens rely on multiple temperature controlled devices to bring delicious food to the mouths of their customers. When one of these cogs in the wheel of productivity breaks down, the entire flow of the kitchen is affected.  A broken air conditioner or a refrigerator can have devastating effects for a restaurant.  Even a brief disruption from an ice machine breaking down can cause a loss of revenue.   This makes planned maintenance a vital part of the functioning of the restaurant.  Ensuring your equipment is functioning optimally is just as important to the business as hiring the right hostess or bartender.

CSC Technician Jason Latimer working on AC unit

CSC Technician Jason Latimer working on AC unit

How CSC Excels in Planned Maintenance

With over 30 years of experience in installing and servicing equipment for restaurants and industrial kitchens, Caspers Service Company understands the necessity of planned maintenance on your restaurant equipment.  CSC’s technicians are factory trained and cross-trained in the maintenance and repair of commercial restaurant equipment, from HVAC systems to beverage systems and ice machines.  Priding themselves on their superior customer service, CSC sees their planned service technicians not only as equipment techs, but also as essential communicators that act as a liaison between the client and CSC, allowing CSC to ensure their clients are receiving the best possible service for their needs budget.  CSC understands that swift action is vital to the preservation of your equipment, and go above and beyond by providing onsite equipment repair and 24/7 reactive service for any emergencies that may arise.

CSC is proud to serve the state of Florida.  Contact us today to develop a planned maintenance schedule for your restaurant.