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Caspers Service Company has had their fingers on the pulse of the food service industry for over 45 years.  Those years have been spent ensuring restaurants are able to operate at their highest possible levels and engaging with employees who are willing to learn the industry and represent a company that prioritizes its clients and its representatives.  When you become a member of Caspers Service Company, you are not just a punch your ticket employee.  You become a member of a family.  The CSC family takes pride in developing its members, mentoring them until they are proficient in the fields they choose.  With its work in a diverse service industry, CSC employees are able to create their own career path, be it in food service or field service, customer support or HVAC repair.  With a cornucopia of options, CSC wants to ensure its representatives fully engaged in whatever path it is they have chosen.

Food Service vs. Field Service Industry

The service industry generally breaks down into two segments:  Food Service and Field Service.  Each of these segments of the service industry has its own needs.  Caspers Service Company is not only a proven innovator in the service industry but is also adept at carving out unique niches for itself and its employees.  As the restaurant industry boomed, the need for skilled and experienced technicians arose to service the wide variety of equipment in the restaurants.  There is no trade school for learning how to repair restaurant equipment.  This left a critical void in that booming restaurant industry.  The owners of CSC recognized that need and quickly remedied the problem. Through extensive training and development, Caspers Service Company built the foundation of their skilled technician.  These technicians are unique in that they are also cross-trained in customer service.  As client-facing representatives of the company, CSC recognizes the power that the technicians have and want to ensure they are able to represent the company and its culture to the fullest.  What better way is there to really understand the needs and wants of the clients than a face to face conversation?

CSC’s abilities in the service industry do not stop there.  If the foodservice industry is not your calling, then perhaps the field service industry is!  CSC is always looking to find the best people for the company.  If those brilliant people are not interested in ice machine repair, perhaps they are keen on the inner workings of HVAC systems.  In Florida, we are all aware of those hot summer days when, very inconveniently, the air conditioner breaks.  Nobody wants that.  That’s why CSC also trains and develops HVAC technicians who may install, maintain and repair HVAC systems.  Remember, proper maintenance will help avoid those sweaty nights with a broken air conditioning unit.

Creating Your Own Path

The founders of Caspers Service Company want you, their valued employees, to be happy.  When a client sees a genuinely happy and knowledgeable employee, that positivity reflects back on the business.  At CSC, we want you to figure out the right path for you, and we want to provide the tools needed to find that path! Having skilled technicians in-house is a great benefit to CSC clients and other employees because the technicians are available to rapidly correct any issue, be it in food service or field service.  However that is not the only reason we chose to create our training program.  Providing these in-house positions allows us to create additional avenues to propel our employees to success.  We would never want to lose an employee because they felt stagnant and lacked opportunities to grow in their careers.

CSC Test Kitchen

CSC Test Kitchen

CSC is Ready for You

Caspers Service Company provides up to date listings of available jobs on its website.  The benefits package is diverse and employee and family focused.  Benefits include medical, dental, disability, vacation and sick leave, as well as company service vehicles and tuition reimbursement.  CSC is ready for you to reach out.  Create a new path!  Welcome to the family.