O’Neil’s Auto Service has been selected as a 2021 Casper’s Service Company Appreciation Recipient

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Just two months left in the year and Casper’s Service Company has some very exciting news to announce: O’Neil Auto Service has been selected as a 2021 Casper’s Service Appreciation recipient.

Our team is most grateful to give this honor and the recognition it represents to Scott O’Neil for his commitment to our team with the service that they provide our company for over 15 years.

This award is a big deal to us, as it says a lot about O’Neil Auto Service, as well as the other fine companies who have received this honor.

About the Casper’s Service Company Appreciation Award

The Casper’s Service Company Award is an honor presented to a select group of Casper Service companies that service CSC each year. In recognition of O’Neil Auto Service’s outstanding maintenance support and professionalism over the years in ensuring our Company’s vehicular fleet was, and is, consistently functionable and safe for our technicians and other employees to operate. In this regard, our vehicles are extremely important for our commercial operations; your efforts were, and are, critical to our business continuity.

What This Award Means to Us

O’Neil Auto Service has a longstanding history with the Casper’s Service Company brand and has worked with the maintenance of its vehicles for over 15 years. “With advanced technical expertise and hands-on knowledge of how our vehicles function, O’Neil’s is able to provide our team with dedication, meticulous attention to detail, and just as importantly, trustworthiness; our mobility needs could not be in better hands”, stated by President Mike Buelow.

Without our partners, our Casper’s Service Appreciation Award wouldn’t be possible. Our entire team works very hard to ensure all customers are completely satisfied with the products we provide and the work we perform. If trouble arises, we don’t run and hide – we sort out the problem and implement solutions so all your expectations are met. We always appreciate the recognition of a customer for a job well done – with the customer satisfaction element so important to the Casper’s Service Company Appreciation Award, receiving this honor is additional recognition of our commitment to you.