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A key to success in any company is making sure the employees are comfortable in the setting they are working in. As everyone knows, Florida gets HOT and most warehouses don’t have air conditioning. Because of this issue, Caspers Service Company is installing BigAssFans to improve this situation in their companies’ warehouse. These enormous industrial fans are meant to improve extreme temperatures and bring cool circulating air throughout large warehouses, as we have at CSC.

Working in hot, humid conditions is nothing any employee wants to endure. Walden Wagner (Coordinator) of Caspers Service Company said, “There are many tasks involved in operating a warehouse. These include loading and off-loading trucks, as well as staging heavy equipment for delivery or storage. Because of these hard-working conditions, we want to make our employees as comfortable as possible.” To coincide with these fans, our warehouse also has tinted windows to block UV rays and reduce heat, along with free of charge liquids for our employees at all times. The more comfortable employees are while they’re working, the higher the productivity will be; more importantly, they will be much safer because it lowers the chances of heat-related incidents occurring.

Installing these fans are going to help our long-termed inventory in the warehouse and also reduce other potential health problems. Hot and humid conditions can cause buildup of condensation and mold. This can result in damaged products, and equipment; mold can cause serious health issues with employees if it does become present. With BigAssFans, we can make sure our equipment and warehouse facility are in top quality so our customers can receive high quality products and efficient service.

Our employees’ comfort and safety in their work environment is always a priority, so installing BigAssFans has become one as well. These fans aren’t only going to improve our warehouse conditions, but they will improve our productivity as well as we strive to make sure our customers are always satisfied. It’s time to get rid of heat-related stress with the help from BigAssFans!

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