Impacts of Career Fairs on a Company

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Small businesses tend to have difficult times attracting skilled workers that can achieve their goals they are pursuing. Companies that are “unknown” and on the smaller side are faced with challenges of finding qualified applicants. But believe it or not, Career Fairs are one of the most valuable “techniques” for any company dealing with these situations. They are a great way to get your company’s image out to hundreds of people and be able to talk to candidates face to face. Career fairs are great for those looking to find a new job, but they’re even more valuable for businesses looking to grow their company.

Volume of Candidates:

Career fairs are a great way for companies to see and meet a large number of candidates in one setting. You have the opportunity to meet potential employees interested in your company face-to-face, which can be much more efficient than a phone call. Since many colleges inform their students about upcoming career fairs, you can talk to and meet face-to-face with applicants who’re qualified for the field you’re looking for. But they also give the chance to talk to recruits who would not typically apply to your industry. With CSC for example, they might be a service company but they also have positions in the warehouse, customer service, and design. Being able to explain these other opportunities within your company makes it easier to appeal to a diverse range of people.

Increase Brand Awareness:

Need a quick, easy way to promote your company without even realizing it? Career fairs are your number one choice. They are great ways to get your name out there positively and encourage job seekers attending to consider your company for their next job. Before it even begins, your name, logo, and website are provided in marketing resources given out by organizations in charge of the career fair. But because of the abundance of attendees at most job fairs, that means thousands of eyes are looking at what you have to offer. Even if it is them just seeing your company and looking you up online later, it is very effective to have your company be noticed.


In some ways similar to branding, networking is also a big benefit of career fairs for companies. The business world is all about connections and relationships. The more you have, the more success your company is most likely going to have as well. These career fairs give you the advantage of connecting with other companies and hear about their stories. But this also gives you the advantage of seeing your competition. Being able to see how they promote their brand can benefit your company by seeing what works and what needs to improve for your own.

Career fairs are a major key in company’s talent acquisition strategy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge company or a new business just starting, career fairs can help guide you into the right direction. Being able to meet hundreds of people interested in your company can give you face to face interactions that are more useful than typical phone calls. But being able to brand your company and gain connections during the time of a career fair is what truly can help improve your company in more ways than you might realize.

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