Administrative Appreciation Day at CSC

CSCadmin Company Culture

Caspers Service Company is known for having top-notch technicians that have been expertly trained to handle the brunt of the business day in and day out. But our unsung heroes are those that take on a supportive role. This is a team of quiet professionals that handle phone calls from frustrated customers searching for assistance, use critical thinking to find solutions, jump into action to coordinate, and tie up all loose ends managing the administrative functions of the company. Typically, they are overworked, overlooked, and never thanked. Not here. CSC values our support team as they keep the office running smoothly every single day. How do we do that?

Blake Casper, our CEO, organized an Administrative Dinner to show how much he and the rest of our leadership team appreciate our team. The special dinner was all for them and he did not spare any details. To celebrate this day, the dinner was at the illustrious Stovall House, a modern-day social club built-in 1909. The team met at an English and Moroccan-inspired garden dining room called the “Orangery” and were greeted by Blake Casper, himself, playing the piano. The wait staff offered craft cocktails, and everyone socialized while the guests of honor continued to arrive. Then they walked around the historic grounds admiring the classical revival architecture and detailed décor. They had charcuterie tables set out the staff refilled their flutes and glasses with champagne and wine. As the sun started to set over Tampa’s Bay, they moved into the dining rooms where they continued to be pampered with an exquisite three-course meal of salad, surf and turf, and cheesecake for dessert.

It was amazing to see everyone come together with laughter and smiles throughout the whole night.

This event is one of many that goes to show how much Blake and the rest of the leaders of CSC appreciate every single employee from the technicians to the back office administrative professionals. We see you! Caspers Service Company values our employees as individuals, not just another number. Our employees work hard to keep our company running as smoothly and successfully as possible, so taking a night to show appreciation is the least we could do for the CSC family!