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The CSC Council is now officially established! The purpose of forming this council is to seek feedback from all levels of our organization in a collaborative and non-threatening way. We want to get input from different people and recognize what’s working well, but also what needs improvement. An advisory board or something similar is always helpful, no matter what type of company/organization you belong to. Its purpose is to make sure that all employees are engaged and happy. That’s why we decided to create a program here at CSC!

Our first meeting was held on March 14. The participants were handpicked by their managers; tenured and new employees so we could hear all aspects of the business. The meeting started with a message from Mike, but then he left to make sure all staff present felt comfortable and free to express themselves during the meeting. During the meeting, concerns were brought up that had been overlooked and we could tell that this was very important to everyone as they all participated with questions. That’s exactly what this council is for!

After the meeting, the leadership team met and discussed all the information from the council meeting. As a team, we were able to address some of the concerns that were raised and make immediate changes. Other concerns that were raised we weren’t able to change immediately, but we did provide an explanation. As a team, we explained why some things are done a certain way in our operations and processes to achieve the best overall results for our employees and our customers.

All in all, the first meeting was very informative, productive, and the council is something everyone looks forward to at CSC.This new program gives our people the chance to present problems, use critical thinking, and have healthy debates with an overall mission to improve. For the next meeting, they are asked to bring new ideas, problems, and possible solutions. What they don’t know is that in the future the council will have a board of directors (President, VP, secretary, etc.) that will officially run the meetings. Ultimately, we want everyone at CSC to know that they can be heard and that we care about everyone who’s part of the CSC team.

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