Becoming Leaders Together

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With the book club being in its last chapter of ” Multipliers”, we gained so many resources and learned new qualities to become better leaders for the company. Our President Mike has led the team to the answers many of us want to know with honest discussions and lessons learned at each club meeting. Throughout the book, there were difficult conversations with employees that were used to have deep conversations with everyone. But the goal was to use the book to show everyone how to win in this area of life and become their own leader.

For most companies, book clubs are a useful tool for retaining employees and making them a greater asset to the company. They’re used to learning new concepts and activities that they can take back to their workplace. Even if you’re not a “book person,” the books used for most book clubs are great resources for discussion. “Multipliers” is a great read and a useful book to discuss how to become a leader at work and in everyday life. Whether you’re already a leader or want to become one, this book will show you ways to become your own leader: the RIGHT way. This book was intentionally written to stimulate discussion that will lead on and make you think. Over the past few months, this book has opened many eyes to people at CSC.

Here at CSC, our work is based on culture. We love having a fun environment to work in and employees who all support us in creating a successful culture in the workplace. We’ve used this book club and this book specifically for growth. Growth as a company, but also growth for each individual employee. CSC wants each of its employees to grow and become a leader. The more leaders you have, the more successful you’ll be. It was amazing to see how much all the book club participants engaged with this book and asked questions throughout. Each participant wants to be successful and grow in their own way. That’s why we used this book to give them a head start on becoming the next leader for Caspers Service Company and for themselves.

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