Finding a Great First Career in Food Service:

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Food service is becoming one of the largest job industries in the world. Its popularity stems from its broadness. From food service workers to field service technicians, you are bound to find something within this field that will fit any of your needs. To help find the right job that fits your needs and wants, do research. Find what best fits you and what you see yourself good at. Even if it’s not what you intended for right away, it is always a great idea to get your foot in the door somewhere to increase your opportunity to move up. If you are looking for a job where you don’t need a degree and can get the training you need to be successful, a food service technician should be your number one choice.

Being a Food Service Technician:

One of the most interesting and opportunity gaining jobs is being a food service technician. Your main goal is to make sure your clients can serve food correctly and successfully with the work you put in. You are the main source for restaurants to be able to do their day-to-day without any problems. If there are problems, you are their first call to fix the issue as quickly, but as safely as possible. Having good communication skills is always a major plus in this job field as well. Being able to relay your opinions and ideas to your customers will help them be more confident in you. With the knowledge you gain, you can give them tips on how to prevent certain problems and teach them what to do in case of an emergency. The day-to-day in the field is typical, but the opportunities available go beyond what you can imagine.


In today’s economy, where the prices of everyday items continue to rise, a competitive job with upward growth is important.  Many times, you need a college degree to be able to hold such positions.  For those who don’t have a degree, finding a job can be stressful and worrisome. But it is time to stop these negative thoughts and start your career as a food service technician today! Most of the time, this job field does not require a college degree. Because this is such a large industry in the world today, there are opportunities everywhere you look. The growth rate of this field is projected at 14%! Being a technician can give you the opportunity to find a job quickly to be able to support you and your family. You also get the opportunity to learn new skills you might not already know. Depending on where you start out and how well you do, there is always room to grow. For any job, the focus is to move up in the company you work for. At CSC, we give you this opportunity on the first day.

Career at Caspers Service Company:

Here at CSC, we are successful because we invest in our employees. We have a detailed career path that our newest employees can visualize their career here with us.  If you don’t have any qualifications or experience in this field, we take the time to train every employee on the skills they need to be successful. We care about your growth and the success, both professionally and personally.  Today you will find Vice Presidents in our offices that have been with the company for over 25 years.  Knowing that this company was and still is an employer of choice for so many employees just goes to show that there are opportunities to grow and develop within this organization.  We can provide opportunities to move up in our company to continue with your personal goals and success. To continue to ease your worries in today’s economy, we also provide the unmatched benefits such as major medical health and life insurance, 401(k), company vehicle, and company events. We want to take care of you, as an employee. Check out to start your next career and become a part of the Caspers Service Company family!

About Caspers Service Company:

Casper’s Service Company has over 45 years of experience keeping your restaurant in peak condition. Their skilled technicians provide comprehensive service and are ready for any job – all at a competitive cost advantage. Services are customized for each customer, with Caspers parts, installation, design, equipment, and our new training program Caspers University. For any of your HVAC service needs, have your first call be Caspers Service Company!