How to Leverage Coaching in the Workplace

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Coaching is a term that is starting to emerge more and more in the workplace. Traditionally, when you think of a coach, you think of someone on the sidelines, with a whistle around their neck, barking orders on what they want you to do.  Now that you have that image, try to think of them as someone that is really there for your best interest, wants to help highlight the things you do great, and works on the things you need to improve.  That’s the vision of a coach that you should have in the workplace.  According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), coaching is “personalized” to assist individuals as they prepare for or move into a new assignment, improve work habits, adapt to a changing environment, or overcome specific obstacles.”  Casper Service Company understands the value of coaching and is more in tune with coaching methodologies than your traditional service company. Starting a new job or new career with no prior experience can be a daunting task or just downright scary.  Not knowing what to expect and not knowing coworkers around you can add stress. Having a support group for all employees, including new ones, can help drastically with them personally and the workplace as a whole. Company coaches provide employees with the help they need to get situated with all the tools and knowledge in order to be successful for the company. Here at CSC, we work with our employees to make sure they are okay every step of the way. With career advancement, high-quality training, and well-being checkups, CSC cares about you and the future you have in our family. 

Career Advancement:

Finding a job with career growth opportunities is important for your future. A LinkedIn Workforce Learning Report found that 94 percent of employees would stay longer at a company that invests in their careers. Because of this, CSC dedicates an abundant amount of time to the future of all its employees. From day one, you will be exposed to our career map tailored to our specific job positions.  Our career map will serve as a guide and a visual tool on how you can move up in Caspers Service Company. Of course, most of this will be done by you, your hard work, leadership potential, and professional growth.  It will take hard work but having someone in leadership take the extra mile to coach you will give you the inspiration and motivation you need to reach your goals.  A mentoring program takes time for our employees to assess their career development with their mentors and identify areas they need to develop to get to the next stage of their careers within our company. This helps our employees get a better understanding of what they are doing good and what they need to improve on to make that next step. Along the way, the mentors are there for you with any needs you might have and have the ability to push you, not to be good, but to be great!

High-Quality Training:

Improving your skills and knowledge on all aspects, including technical, professional, and personal is a crucial piece for your growth within company. We understand times are changing every year, especially when it comes down to technology. At CSC, we take pride in our training. We have coaches and mentors who know the ins and outs of the company that are ready to pass on the knowledge they have gained. With customized and detailed training sessions, our professionals show you step-by-step what it takes for you to be successful within Caspers Service Company. With structured skills training, our mentors can identify skill gaps and offering the right advice and fill these weaknesses within their talent pipeline. Most importantly, we help you identify your strengths, and we want to build on those as well.  We want you to be the best, so we train you with those who have shown what it takes to be successful.

Mental Health and Wellbeing:

No matter what job you have, work can bring stress and harm your mental health at times. At CSC, we completely understand this aspect and that’s why we try to create a family environment for everyone. We do our best to provide a supportive workplace for employees to feel safe while at work, but also a sense of psychological safety as well. Our coaches, mentors, and leaders can provide a safe space to discuss any problems you may have. When employees connect with people on a supportive and empathetic level, they are more likely to be engaged in their work and care about the company, so we do our best to provide help to all of our employees if needed. We are in the business of building close relationships with employees.  The care we have for our employees exceeds the boundaries of work, we care about everyone, their health, their family, and anything else that’s important in their lives. We are still a business and care about the bottom line, but we care about YOU first.

Coaches, mentors, and leaders in organizations enable both career development and professional development to help employees gain new skills and feel engaged with co-workers and your organization as a whole. At CSC, we care for every one of our employees like they are family. We care about their success and future, so we provided all the necessary advice and training to ensure this happens. But we care about YOU as a person as well. We want to make sure your mental health and wellbeing are okay, and if not, we have those who will listen and help in any way they can. To be a part of CSC, you become a part of a family, so we do everything possible to ensure you feel that way.

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