CSC Book Club – Strength Based Leadership

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Investing in the Strengths We Carry:

Caspers Service Company’s book club is back and better than ever! Our last book, Multipliers, was a huge success for our employees who participated. Together, we learned what we can do differently to become better leaders and role models for the company. Multipliers delved into why some leaders seem to increase employee productivity whilst others drain the energy from their teams leaving them unable to perform to their highest capacity.  These leaders are called diminishers.  What’s interesting, is that we all learned that we’ve been accidental diminishers at one point or another.  This book helped us identify some of our weaknesses and figure out what we need to work on individually. In our new book, Strength Based Leadership, we are going to focus on our individual strengths and those of the employees. This book is a natural progression from our previous book and has already impacted the book club with great discussions!

Our first book taught us how to become leaders for the company and as individuals in life. Multipliers was a great read and made an immediate impact on the book club participants. Sometimes there were difficult conversations, but the main purpose of the book was to show everyone how to win in this area of life and become their own leader today.

During our first book club meeting for our new book, the leadership team at CSC took time to see how Multipliers has impacted all of our lives so far. We all took turns sharing what we liked, what we could have done differently, and how we’ve applied some of the concepts to our own leadership style in our everyday lives.

For our next meeting, we will officially begin our new book Strength Based Leadership! The main focus of the book is on the strengths we bring as leaders. This book and the discussions we will have will show us how we can continue to grow as professionals and leaders. It’s about recognizing our own strengths and those of your employees, investing in their strengths and based on those strengths…curating a winning team. We’ll read how some of the most successful organizational leaders became who they are and the unique strengths that make them successful. This will be an exciting read and the CSC book club is more than ready to get started!

As a team, we’re using this book to create a “performance development plan” for our staff. This plan will focus on the strengths and positive attributes that our CSC employees bring to the company. We want to use this time to highlight the things our employees have done well, not the things they still need to work on. There are always things that each of us can improve on, but we want to show our employees that their strengths are not going unnoticed. We preach positivity and want to show each and every one of our employees that the sky is the limit!

At CSC, our employees are important to us. We want each of our dedicated employees to succeed and become their own kind of leader. This book club was established to further discuss and promote growth within the company. We want our employees to be engaged, open for discussion, and know that the hard work they do every day is respected. At Caspers Service Company, we want to create a successful and welcoming culture for years to come.


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