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We are the one phone call for the quality expert service of your multitude of scope and needs.

Successful designs are strategically developed to create clear channels of communication, improve brand performance and position your products to sell.

Finding the right equipment improves performance, reduces cooking time, and fits your team's space and talent - that's our specialty.

Trained and certified experts in all the equipment and refrigeration your restaurant depends on. Installed with precision by technicians who care.

Hundreds of replacement parts for cooking, refrigeration, ice machines and HVAC equipment are available on-site the same day. Get the part you need today.

A team of specialized professionals for every aspect of commercial kitchen operations. Flexible and affordable service programs tailored to daily operations.

Investing in your future by providing you with an education that will qualify you for a well-paying career with Caspers - your future success is our priority.


Why Choose Us

With over forty years experience helping restaurants of all sizes design and construct the right kitchen, acquire and install the best equipment, and manage the ongoing service and maintenance of your restaurant. Caspers Service Company's comprehensive team of professionals are here for you.

Every foodservice project presents challenges. Unique spaces, infrastructure limits, and budgetary constraints are just a few common problems that demand creative solutions. With an expert partner like Caspers Service Company, we’re ready to tackle any project and exceed your expectations.

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Our Most Asked Questions

There are many places that you can begin, but usually the best place to start is to determine your funding and budget requirements. This will help with decisions about size, location, and concept. It is also important to find a company you can trust and will help guide you through every step of the process. Most companies will build a restaurant, take their money and run. With Caspers we will be here to support you for life.

There are many factors that determine the speed of a project, such as the size and complexity of the project and even the clients’ response times. What we can promise is we will evaluate the project, give you a realistic timeframe to deliver it, and do everything we can to meet your needs. With our team you will get clear reliable communication up front and all throughout the project and timelines you can count on.

It is becoming increasingly more common for churches to put in commercial kitchens. We have found that as a church integrates themselves into the lives of their parishioners and the community, they become a central part in most life events. From weddings to funerals, from soup kitchens to family events, having a commercial kitchen makes it possible. It will make it easier on your volunteers and organizers to have the resources they need.


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