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Commercial Kitchen & HVAC Repair & Maintenance

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Foodservice & HVAC Care That Is Tailored to Your Business

Commercial kitchens are busy areas with a primary focus on making high quality food products. Spending time trying to repair broken equipment on your own leaves you with less time for other key business priorities. Let the qualified technicians from Caspers Service handle your equipment’s service and maintenance needs while you focus on your customers.

From refrigerator or oven repair to annual air conditioning maintenance, we have the qualified technicians and customer-focused dispatch team to keep your equipment up and running without interruption.

Why Choose Caspers Service Company?

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Reactive Service

Our reactive service technicians tap into the science and art behind troubleshooting equipment issues to determine the most appropriate yet cost effective fix for the customer. Our professionals have the emotional intelligence to navigate the frustrated feelings of a client when their equipment is malfunctioning and the expertise to provide a diagnosis and solution to ensure that a restaurant is operational in minimal to no downtime.

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Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is a service where equipment is evaluated on a routine basis. It is a proactive approach in which our team performs inspections, thoroughly cleans the equipment, changes out filters, checks belts and executes minor repairs. They follow an extensive checklist to ensure nothing is missed and make sure that equipment is operating effectively and efficiently without any safety concerns.

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Freezer/Refrigeration Rental

There are times when a customer’s refrigeration or freezer capabilities are compromised and if their equipment goes down, they run the risk of losing thousands of dollars in products. Our trailer rental is a quick solution if an emergency occurs in which the repair will take some time, or if there is construction where the intended refrigeration systems are unavailable. It can also be used if a customer needs to accommodate for a surge in refrigerated products for special events.

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Portable AC Rental

In today’s environment, the supply chain is unpredictable. As HVAC units go down, it’s been a struggle for service companies to keep up with the demand for repair or replacement. As a temporary solution, Caspers Service Company has 10 one-ton portable units for our clients to use until we can get a technician to the location with the correct parts or as they are waiting for a new unit to arrive. Our friendly staff would be happy to transport, set up and collect the units as needed.


The Importance Of Planned Maintenance

The most significant benefit of planned maintenance is to protect your investment. Regularly servicing the assets will help ensure that it’s maintaining its efficiency for as long as possible.

While it will not prevent the equipment from having mechanical failures, it will reduce issues that are avoidable.

Equipment Warranty

Manufacturers can and will deny claims if the equipment is not maintained regularly

Asset Life

Routine maintenance extends the life of your equipment and reduces the probability of emergency repairs

Repair Costs

Maintenance is not a “cure all” for repairs but it does reduce the frequency of significant repairs

Energy Efficiency

When equipment is properly maintained, it increases equipment operating efficiency reduces energy waste

Lease Compliance

Most tenants are required to prove regular equipment maintenance as per their lease agreement

Want to set up a planned maintence schedule?
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A Dispatch Team That Goes Above & Beyond

Our dispatch team is responsible for the entire service order process, from creation and billing to collecting as much information as possible, interpreting the customers’ needs, and creating the service order tickets in our system. Working as a cohesive team, our dispatchers maintain a watchful eye as emergencies may change the trajectory of a technician’s day. What makes our dispatchers special is that most of them worked in quick service restaurants and can empathize with the customer. They build strong professional relationships with our clients and ensure open and honest communication throughout the process. Even though this job has a lot of moving parts and can be stressful at times, the dispatching team is cross-trained and rely on each other to get the job done.

Our Service Award Winners

Casper Service Company is an employee focused business and we like to honor their superior service.
Take a look at our cream of the crop, Caspers Service Award Winners.

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Caspers Service Company- at your fingertips

Service requests are now a breeze with the new Caspers app! Manage the equipment in your stores with ease while conveniently tracking maintenance and service requests. Schedule routine maintenance or report an emergency service with just the click of a button. Never lose track of your equipment maintenance history to ensure the longest life span for your investments.

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We have over 130 IHOP restaurants all throughout Florida and south Georgia. I enthusiastically recommend Caspers Service Company. We use Caspers in a number of our restaurants for our contracted refrigeration and air conditioning Preventative Maintenance Program. They also perform repairs for our HVAC and refrigeration equipment, including equipment replacements. They are professional, and provide projects on time and in budget.